.. a word, if I may.. even if I'm not a gimp dev..

 > The fact that people don't understand what's happening in the project
 > can only mean two things:
 > 1. What's happening in the project is not communicated to users.

That may be very well the case....


Every day, I run into people who say "why photoshop? There's GIMP, a 
perfect substitute.."
On some forums at least.

Often, these people never got their hands on a program which supports 
adjustment layers, 16-bit handling, LAB-handling and so on. And this 
hasn't to be photoshop in the first place, by the way.....

So GIMP is sufficient to them, which is perfectly fine!

BUT I DO understand "the other side" if they complain that these people 
don't have a clue, but they misinterpret the statements of these 
GIMP-users that the devs themselves (you) think about
GIMP as a "perfect photoshop replacement".. which it isn't (and the devs 
don't think
it is..).

So to speak, this special breed of "GIMP-evangelists" ( or 
OpenSource-evangelists, which you
can find on any Linux forum... they are often like "XX is a PERFECT 
substitute for closed-source YY, and if
it isn't, then you don't need it in the first place..") do more harm 
than good.

As far as I've come to understand it, GIMP has the VISION to become a 
full fledged, free pixel-based graphics editor. No more, no less.

It's an unhappy fact that we (.. I'm hobby photographer myself) are 
waiting for some features for many years.. But that's how it is.. and 
there's no alternative for *NIX systems I can think of, with Krita 
heading more in the drawing-direction or whatever you might call it...

But with a whole lot of people just whining and not contributing nothing 
will get better..

 > 2. Some users don't care about what's communicated to them and stick
 > to misconceptions they've grown to take for truth.

This is true, too. As always.... But I won't put all of the arguments aside.

Keep up your good work everybody.... don't get frustrated!



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