As I already stated, I'm not confident with gimp's architecture ! (and the
list of class is not very intuitive to dip in)
I prefer to fix bugs at the beginning, it softer for me either. (Besides,
what unco status means ?)
For my problem about git, I manage to git pull at home this week-end, so I
suppose, there is some kind of firewall preventing git communication... Is
there a workaround to go throught the ftp port or else ?

>> Isn't there some prioritized task list for Gimp? I believe GEGL
>> integration is
>> currently the highest priority task, isn't it?
> Almost; it's second. Getting 2.8 out is number one.
> But to recommend our friend Nicolas specific tasks to work on, I need to
> get to know him as a coder first.
>   / Martin

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