On 26.01.2011 06:51, Martin Nordholts wrote:

> On 01/25/2011 05:52 AM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
>> Google has just announced GSoC2011.
> Schumaml: Will you be our GSoC master this year too? If so, that would 
> be great.

Thanks for having confidence in me again :)

In order to participate successfully, we'll have to care about the
following key aspects:

1. Mentors
2. Projects
3. Students

1. Mentors

Mentors are supposed to help the students with their project, by
defining an evaluating goals, any problems they may have, and are
responsible for rating the projects at least twice (midterm and end).

Usually, the mentors know fairly well what types of projects they'd like
to mentor.

It would be nice if potential mentors would introduce themselves on the
gimp-developer list, and provide some information about the projects
they'd like to mentor most - either very specific ideas or generic
("beginner-level python plug-in"), what they'll expect from their
students, what they'd like to have for qualifications tasks, ...

2. Projects

We'll need some viable and manageable projects for the students. Viable
means that if the project is successful, it will be integrated into GIMP
as soon as possible* (in the master branch, at least).

This means that anything - GUI in particular - has to be approved by
guiguru and the inner circle of active developers.

Projects suggested by students without prior consulting may be very hard
to fit into these requirements.

The goal of the projects should always be new contributors, not just the
code produced during GSoC.

3. Students

Due to the recent news items about the lack of developers, there is the
chance that we may be a bit overwhelmed by student applications. We
should have a very precise idea about the number of projects we can
handle, and not sacrifice quality of mentoring for quantity (like one
mentor mentoring two students besides a full-time job).


Please comment on this - there may be much more important aspects I've
forgotten to mention.

GSoC time line:


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