On 2 March 2011 12:52, Graeme Gill <grae...@argyllcms.com> wrote:
> jcup...@gmail.com wrote:
>> As a result of this strange design, it's impossible on Windows to
>> write a .exe that can be used smoothly both from the command-line and
>> from the desktop.
> I've written a couple of applications that run from the command line and
> happily throw up windows and interact with the desktop on MSWin (and
> OS X and Linux). There's nothing special about it - any normal command
> line main() program with stdin/out/err can create windows by calling
> CreateWindow().

Yes, but if they are tagged as CLI .exes (which they will be if you
can run them from the command-line and the CLI blocks until they exit)
when you run them from the Windows shell by double-clicking an icon
you will get an annoying extra console window linked to stdin/stdout.

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