On Wed, 2011-03-09 at 08:55 -0800, Charlie De wrote:
> Hello all,
> I would like to make a request if I may for the keyboard shortcut, the key 
> that 
> corresponds to the underlined letter, for the Don't Save button in Save/Save 
> As 
> dialogs to be standardised, preferrably to the "d" key. At present, this is 
> inconsistent, in some instances the key is "n".
> Some time ago I successfully edited the source files for version 2.6.11 to 
> this 
> effect, but after compiling and installing the program a number of issues 
> arose 
> that weren't present when using a binary from a repository, so I don't plan 
> on 
> compiling again if I can avoid it. As far as I remember, it's a small change, 
> to 
> be made in one or two of the files containing interface strings or settings.

The current development version (which is where such a change would have
to happen), doesn't use the string "Don't Save" any longer.


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