There was a recent update to

commit 514a5548cdcaf5a60f47067007936dc58055132b
Author: Michael Natterer <>
Date:   Mon Mar 7 15:43:45 2011 +0100

     configure: require GLib >= 2.28.1

I have a recent ubuntu and it has 2.26.x and so GIMP won't configure and 
build anymore.  (Well, changing the 28 to 26 makes it "build", except 
there are 2 unresolved references, g_list_free_full, and 
g_slist_free_full.  I don't suppose there's a workaround, huh?  I wasn't 
wanting to build my own glib.

g_list_free full is a convenience function:

g_list_free_full (GList          *list,
                   GDestroyNotify  free_func)
   g_list_foreach (list, (GFunc) free_func, NULL);
   g_list_free (list);

and g_slist_free_full is about the same:

g_slist_free_full (GSList         *list,
                    GDestroyNotify  free_func)
   g_slist_foreach (list, (GFunc) free_func, NULL);
   g_slist_free (list);

That's going to be a lot of people having to build their own glib, and 
distributions having to upgrade their glib just for two convenience 


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