On 03/18/2011 07:43 AM, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> Hi,
> I think we should discuss how we make best use of Bugzilla. Except for
> tracking bugs, I'd like us to use bugzilla for
>    a) Keeping track of what is important to fix for a given release
>    b) Keeping track of what bugs among all our bugs we consider important
>       to fix, but not more important than working on things on our roadmap
> I'd like to use milestones [1] for a) , and priorities [2] for b). Does
> this sound reasonable to everyone? Would be good to agree on this before
> we start updating lots of bugs.

I'd like to use bugzilla milestones a) for "we want this bug fixed in that
version, no matter if we get around to do it or not", so we should be
generous with what is "important", because it's the *only* list of bugs
we have in e.g. 2.6 or 2.8 (the reported-against version is random mostly
noise anyway).

So it seems I mostly agree with your a), and I have no objections against
using priorities for b).

Generally, I rather like to have more than less bugs on a milestone,
because there is nothing more frustrating than a huge list of
bugs with milestone "---". It looks as if we simply don't care at all.

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