On 03/18/2011 04:03 AM, Michael Natterer wrote:
> Generally, I rather like to have more than less bugs on a milestone,
> because there is nothing more frustrating than a huge list of
> bugs with milestone "---". It looks as if we simply don't care at all.
For a bug reporter,it would be frustrating to have a bug accepted with 
milestone X only to have it then pushed out to X+2 or later. But I agree 
that for everyone else, the milestone indication helps acknowledging 
that the bug is recognized as real and there is an intend to fix.

Both as a developer and a user I like Bugzilla and the information it 
gives me; the more information it provides, the better. If there are 
many bugs with a 2.8 milestone, I would be more encouraged to try and 
help out by researching and addressing some of them.

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