My name is Robert Sasu and I study Computer Science at Polytechnic
University of Bucharest, Romania.
    I would like to participate to GSoC 2011 and I found the Adaptive Image
cloning project interesting. I have strong background in C/C++ and C#
algorithms and I have also done some projects with image filtering. I really
mathematics:I recently participated to SEEMOUS(seemous.eu) and I earned a
silver medal.
I compiled Gimp from Git and looked over the coding style and the algorithms
by gimp. I've read about the mean value interpolation, starting from the
pdf and then searching in google for more explanation.
    I would like to now how important is this project for you and what your
and expectations from the students applying? Do you want to implement
the mean value interpolation algorithm or you want to finish the Laplacian
used by gimp?
    I think in the implementation of one of this algorithm we should use the
tools from gimp and for the healing certain brush elements. If it is
possible we could
also implement Matlab(Octave) code for increasing the performance of
pixel values.
   It would be also possible to add another aspect by letting the user
choose a border within
he/she wants the inserting(the interpolation). It would be easy to implement
MVC matting
to help the user and then giving him the chace to put the selected part of
one image in the

    Thank you,
    Robert Sasu
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