I am Robert Sasu and I wrote an e-mail in the morning about the application
for the Adaptive Image Cloning. Since then I've spoken with mentors on IRC,
and they said that this project is no more available. I was also recommended
to look at Porting GIMP plugins to GEGL.
As I wrote in my last e-mail I have strong C/C++ and algorithms background
and I have done some image processing/filtering projects.
I've also compiled GIMP from GIT with all the libraries and dependencies. I
also looked over the coding style and started to familiarize with the code
in GEGL and GIMP.
I propose simply to rewrite GIMP plugins in gegl operations as there are
many predefined functions, and the implementation is not so hard.
How important do you find this project, compared with others for this years
I would like to know which are the plugins I should start to look at and
port to GEGL. I would also ask for some specific information about this
project. How did you imagine the porting: by rewriting the entire code for
every plugins doing some adaptation to the logic?

Thank you,
Robert Sasu
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