My name is Barak Itkin (sometimes known on the web as
LightningIsMyName), I'm a third year student for computer science at
the Tel-Aviv University (Israel), and I'm a regular visitor of the
GIMP irc and mailing lists. I'd like to apply for a GIMP GSoC for the
"Adaptive Image Cloning (aka Seamless Cloning)".

Past expirience:
- Made several contributions to GIMP already, mainly on the plugin
side (script-fu scripts, and wrote the new PDF plugin), but also made
several to the core (support for multi-colored text in 2.7 was
partially written by me)
- Contributed several GEGL operations for existing GIMP plugins
- More than two years of practical expirience in C
- Good background in image processing and computer graphics
- In terms of "large code", my biggest projects was a ray tracer (4k lines)

Barak Itkin
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