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> Hi,
> In the undo section it is mentioned that until the final pixel recalculation
> is done user should be able to undo every single step, though after that
> user should be able to undo the aggregate transformation only. Does this
> means that we would have to maintain another action stack just for unified
> transformation tool, or does gimp currently also maintains two different
> stacks, one for the current tool and one global stack for actions. If this
> is the case some reference to where it happens in code would be great.

Although I'm nobody official, I believe that this would happen through
the undo-group mechanism.
That is, when the latest group of undos was not 'closed', we should
undo within the group, and once it is 'closed', we should undo the
group as a unit (undoing an undo group as a unit is what currently
happens in general)
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