my name is Enrico Schröder. I'm studying computer science at Freie
Universität Berlin, but am currently studying abroad in Paris at Université
Paris Diderot. I would like to apply for the "Replace the GimpSizeEntry
widget" project for Summer of Code 2011. I have strong experience in C and
am also familiar with UI programming using different APIs (QT, Cocoa, GTK+,

For my understanding a complete replacement for the GimpSizeEntry widget is
required. It is supposed to be more user-friendly (for example the unit
should appear in the entry field rather than in an external control and
there should be support for input of different units and simple mathematical
terms) while at the same time beeing more compact.

My general idea would be to base it on the regular GtkEntry instead of
GtkTable and letting it handle the input, parsing and calculation of sizes
in different units. If it would be helpful, the SizeEntry will be able to
accept height and width in a single entry (for example "1024x768px"). That
way it would be possible to use only one instead of two input fields (I'm
thinking of usage in the toolbar where screen space needs to be conserved).

However, in the majority of cases it makes sense to treat width and height
with seperate input fields, so the new SizeEntry will have the neccessary
interface for working together and interacting with other SizeEntries. It
will be possible to combine different entries in a GtkTable and add for
example a GimpChainButton or preview labels.

I'm thinking of designing it in a flexible way so that it can be used in a
variety of forms wherever it makes sense to do so, while still being
consistent to not confuse users.

I hope you like my ideas and am seeing foreward to further discuss them and
get feedback.

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