I am a 3rd year engineering student at Netaji Subhas Institute of
Technology,New Delhi. Although i am not a Computer Science student, my
interests lie in programming especially in the field of UI development.

So far i hv contributed some code for the Paint Activity in the Sugar
Desktop Environment for OLPC. This has given my some idea of working of a
GTK/GDK drawing Application.I hv implemented the patches for  the invert
color functionality and aspect ratio mode for selection tool using a
constraint key among some other work for the Paint Activity.


i can code both in C and Python. i want to implement the "Unified
Transformation Tool" for GIMP by participating in GSoC .I hv gone through
the specification of project. I think its a cool idea and i can picture it
how it will work as mentioned in the specs. I hv compiled the git and will
be looking for some easy bugs to fix to get started. If anyone can point me
where to start off, it would be a great help.I have already started learning
GTK+ in depth.

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