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> (The utterly prosaic background of this question is that my wife runs an
> eBay business for which I am the reluctant photographer.  Frequently, I
> take multiple pictures of the same object, under the same lighting,
> differing sometimes only in the distance of the object from the light.
> The resultant colours  in the photographs are frequently significantly
> different and I use  GIMP to try to make them match.  This is remarkably
> difficult to do and if I ever get the time I may undertake to write
> something for GIMP to make this easier.)  (And I won't even comment on
> the near-impossibility of getting the image colours to perceptually
> match the in situ colours...)

I've actually done some work on this. My package (only tangentially
related to gimp) includes a colour calibration button, there's a
description of the process on the website:


The idea is that you take a photo including a colour standard (I use
the Macbeth). Then select the chart in the photo and click "calibrate"
to have it calculate a transform from your camera colour to sRGB. You
can then use that transform to colour-correct other images.

Macbeth have a "mini macbeth" now that has the same colour patches,
but is a much more reasonable size.

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