jamessk wrote:
> I am trying create a double button image like this
> www.jkwptest.net/b-login.gif
> Do you know how I create this in Gimp? It is possible?

Is it possible? Yes. There is nothing special about that image. It is just 
two individual button images placed side by side on a common background.

I would start with creating a file to be used as a template for a button 
(where you can change the label), and use that to create an image for each 
button separately. The final step is to create a new image using the two 
other buttons previously created.

The template file will have several layers. Start with a transparent layer 
and fill it with the shape of the button you want and fill it with a 
gradient. You can use another layer for the outline and highlight around the 
button or put that on the first layer. Add a text layer on top that will be 
for the button label. Save this template (ie. as button-template.xcf).

Set the text for the button as needed then Save As (or export) as a file for 
the first button image. Alter the text layer and enter the text needed for 
the second button. Save this new image.

Now you can create a new file that is a bit more than twice the width of 
each individual button and create new layers using the previously saved pair 
of button images. Change background as desired. Save as .xcf (just in case), 
then Save As (or Export) your final image.
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