On 09.05.11 15:23, lloyd konneker wrote:
> Announcing a new version of the "Make Shortcut" plugin, now called
> "GimpScripter". It lets you point-and-click create a plugin that calls a
> sequence of plugins, PDB procedures, or macros. It is a plugin authoring
> tool.
> Gimpscripter is a Gimp plugin written in Python. It generates Python
> code for a plugin.

Sounds great. You should consider to name it GIMPScripter or similar 
though as GIMP is called GIMP and not Gimp.

> Here is an example use, to make a plugin "Stroke selection with
> selection":
> Choose "Filter/Gimpscripter" to start Gimpscripter.
>> From the menu pane choose "Edit/Copy".
> Choose "Edit/Paste as/New Brush".
> Choose "Select/To path".
> Choose "Edit/Stroke/Path".
> Enter a name for the plugin, for example "Stroke selection with
> selection".
> Choose the OK button.
> Read the summary and choose the OK button.
> Restart Gimp.

It's a pity that GIMP needs to be restarted. We should add API to 
(re)load all or a particular plug-in at run-time.

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