2011/7/8 GiveLifeCS <gabr...@givelifecolorsystem.com>:
> Hi Martin Nordholts , I will try to explain your questions:
> I have invested approx. 4 years to do this color system
> It was a very manual I mean, that was without using any type of
> mathematical algorithm, but one by one watching and analyzing the colors
> and noting that these colors are expressed in C, M, Y, K had not other
> colors systems in the world today.
> The composition or organization of special colors is not governed like
> other color systems have done in different ways, but it has its
> explanation only thing I like is not to comment further.
> Something really important thing I've seen these years is that any color
> system in the world has sought and continues to seek equivalence with
> Pantone, now is that everyone knows.
> GiveLifeCS has never followed any time the color matching with other
> color systems, so I think it has something to offer.
> To me, all color systems are good but working with GiveLifeCS and other
> color systems is making an awesome way to enrich the color variations
> making it as simple as this is "a tool for the creative -designer with
> new shades "
> and one software design like GIMP needs a unique color system.
> Givelife CS is currently online for only 4 months, I mean it's actually
> doing is new to users.
> Actually, I have not invented anything new, in the world there are some
> color systems ,they are good for me.
> and the color palettes for any software design you need to pay it, but
> with GiveLifeCS never , because the color palette of GiveLifeCS will be
> free always.
> I am currently working on another palette and will continue with the
> same philosophy as for ubuntu , gimp, linux etc. ......
> I was inspired in the way of distribution of GIMP.
> Givelife CS is from the south of Europe (SPAIN)
> For This reason it is the first color system Latino & Hispanic in the
> world ,than i am aware.
> the software design should have a system of color or multiple color
> systems that really helps the user design software
> By default when a designer does not work with color systems standardized
> way, without wanting to use always or almost always the same colors, but
> it is a contradiction and I say so pure experience.
> greetings and good luck
> Gabriel
> GiveLifeCS
> please very sorry if my english is not so good i use google to translate
> i hope you will understand all ,but if you have any question else please
> contact me.
> Thank you in advance
> i wait for your news


I am afraid going through Google Translate creates too much ambiguity.
To to discuss this we need to be able to communicate efficiently.

I am sharing your reply with gimp-developer anyway for completeness...
please keep the mailing list in this email thread if you make a reply.



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