In the Brushes / Patterns / Gradients panel there is the "enter tags"
field, with a drop down arrow. For some languages [*], by default, in
the tags.xml file, the /brushes/Round.vbr has the "round" tag
associated and the /brushes/Round-Fuzzy.vbr has the "fuzzy" and "round"
tags associated. 

These tags are present in the main .po file:

#: ../data/tags/
msgid "fuzzy"

#: ../data/tags/
msgid "round"

However, for those languages where these tags are present in the
tags.xml file, in the UI they are shown always in English.
What's the mistery ? If this is again some resource-impossibility, at
least they should be deleted completely.

[*] if launching GIMP with set lang=de, en or ro, these tags are
embedded in the tags.xml file; if launching GIMP with set lang=es, fr
or it, these tags no longer exists; for each language test I delete
the .gimp-2.7 directory entirely from the users directory (Windows
Vista 64)


Cristian Secară
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