On Mon, 5 Sep 2011 21:31:00 +0300, Cristian Secară wrote:

> [...] For some languages [*], by default, in
> the tags.xml file, the /brushes/Round.vbr has the "round" tag
> associated and the /brushes/Round-Fuzzy.vbr has the "fuzzy" and
> "round" tags associated. 

Hmm. Something strange occurs there.

For those languages where the tags "round" and "fuzzy" exist in the
tags.xml file, there are *two* entries for Round-Fuzzy.vbr, one with
the path separated by / and another one with the path separated by \.

One is
  <resource identifier="${gimp_data_dir}/brushes/Round-Fuzzy.vbr"
The other is
  <resource identifier="${gimp_data_dir}\brushes\Round-Fuzzy.vbr"

This is true also when launching with set lang=en.

Bug ? On languages without default tags, only one entry for
Round-Fuzzy.vbr exists (the one with \).

Testing on Windows, development version 2.7.3 from Sourceforge.
I have a running Fedora 14 at hand, but I don't know how to compile a
program, so I cannot test version 2.7.3 there (and I don't know where
to get an already built .rpm).


Cristian Secară
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