David Monniaux wrote:
> Some people mentioned the need for vector layers.
Isn't glit something like that? Is it sill being worked on? i haven't
hear much about it for ages..

> I think that, more generally, a distant goal should be object layers. That
> is, the possibility to embed a graphic object as a layer.
Do all layers become object layer of type vector, raster, anim etc?
Were each can each effect the layer below , such as being used as a

The vector layer should be able to load xfig, illustrator file and allow
them to be edited in place, maybe even the possibility of including
Postscript files on a layer without conversion to a raster image?

> For instance, an user might want to draw a pie chart, embed it as an
> object and apply nifty special effects on it.
> All the same, Gimp images should be embeddable as objects.
Muti Layer Gimp Images can be include but treated as single layer.

This does mean the layer dialogue would become a layer tree.

> What do you think? This of course means lots of work, and thus is more of
> a goal for 2.0...
I think this is a excellent idea. GIMP then truly becomes an image
editor of great magnitude.

I would be interested in helping add this to the next development
version of GIMP. I think it provide a wealth of possibilities not just
like Adobe's integration of Photoshop and Illistrator but a fully
intergrated Image editor.

My only worry is that it would result in GIMP becoming blot ware. Though
having photoshop an illustrator open together an swapping between them
is very common thing i do.  

And finally yes it would be an awful lot of work.
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