On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Jay Cox wrote:

> I can't remember the last time gimp crashed on me without the signal handler
> being called.  I have had it hit infinite loops though...

Which reminds me, do end-user builds of Gimp have the built in debugger
code enabled? It's great if you're hacking Gimp, but VERY VERY annoying
if you don't know the difference between an EIP and your elbow. It should
be off by default in even numbered tarballs.

> > I think it's ok to leave it as is in the developers version. In the
> > release, however, we should not leave (very large and very hidden!) swap
> > files around.
> I think the issue really boils down to which we think is worse:  Completely
> invisible, but guaranteed temporary files, or visible files which
> (hopefully only rarely) get left around when there is a crash.

The visible files are pretty useless, all you can do is look at them
and accidentally back them up to expensive off-site storage. If Gimp
had a "Swap size now/max" readout wouldn't that be good enough?


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