On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Nick Lamb wrote:

> I would like to tidy up the plug-in entries for this sort of data, but
> I want an idea of how others feel about this before I make wholesale
> changes. Changes must be made in any case (the settings for some plug-ins
> are presently quite wrong).
> FWIW My opinion is that we could have a half-way house, where formats
> are enabled [*] if they would be "visually lossless" after Export...

IMHO don't disable the ones "visually lossy" (how ever you want to define
that), but mark the good ones (highlight them, or put a checkmark besides
the entry) or the bad ones (put them in round braces). Disabling something
means that it cannot be chosen, the "choose those via the extension in the
text entry" approach is far from intuitive.

> So JPEG would claim RGB, GRAY and INDEXED, PNG would claim all formats,
> GIF would claim GRAY* and INDEXED*, etc. etc.
> * Just like now, you would still be able to choose ANY format by typing
> the correct suffix when entering the filename. This enable/disable
> mechanism affects only the listbox.

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