> The Export functionality slowly creeping into CVS Gimp is really nice,
> but it leaves me with a dilemma somewhat related to my last set of
> changes (ie fixing Save As... list of save formats)
> Should plug-ins which have working Export declare themselves capable of
> all image formats for the purposes of the Save As... dialog, or is better
> to show only the ones which would hopefully not need Export for the
> current image type?
> I would like to tidy up the plug-in entries for this sort of data, but
> I want an idea of how others feel about this before I make wholesale
> changes. Changes must be made in any case (the settings for some plug-ins
> are presently quite wrong).
I'm sure I have missed a bunch of plug-ins but I tried to fix the registered 
imagetypes of all file plug-ins when working on the export functionaility. My 
approach was to enable only the image types that the plug-in han handle 
itself without conversion.
This approach is not really consistent since the registered image-type 
doesn't make a difference between layered images and those that only have an 
alpha channel. My idea was that the listbox should reflect the capabilities 
of the file-formats. I must admit that when saving I always specify the file 
format by extension and I never use the listbox for anything else then to 
check if the desired fileformat matches.

> FWIW My opinion is that we could have a half-way house, where formats
> are enabled [*] if they would be "visually lossless" after Export...
> So JPEG would claim RGB, GRAY and INDEXED, PNG would claim all formats,
> GIF would claim GRAY* and INDEXED*, etc. etc.

Might be the right way of doing it and certainly makes more sense then my 
solution. Anyway, I'm all for someone else to check through the save plug-ins 
once again, so please go for it...

Salut, Sven

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