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> > 
> > Suggestions? (I patched the source to use the above but I know this is not
> > right because it breaks 5.005_03 users)
> This is indeed the wrong fix, the perl headers are expected to have a
> define for that case.
> Since the devel-5.005_61 version of perl does indeed have that define, and
> that this has changed from the snapshot before, I guess the perl headers
> are not in sync with the binary.

The perl that I have installed(compiled by me) perl_eval_pv is defined in
embed.h under an #ifdef to eval_pv(there is also a comment about this

#if !defined(PERL_CORE) && !defined(PERL_NOCOMPAT) && !defined(PERL_BINCOMPAT_5005)

/* Compatibility for various misnamed functions.  All functions
   in the API that begin with "perl_" (not "Perl_") take an explicit
   interpreter context pointer.
   The following are not like that, but since they had a "perl_"
   prefix in previous versions, we provide compatibility macros.

For some reason I belive that one of those(PERL_CORE, PERL_NOCOMPAT, 
is defined so perl_eval_pv remains undefined. I'll try tonight to build
gimp CVS again and I'll make some debugging on this.

> Since 5.005_61 is broken with respect to Carp.pm (and Gimp uses that
> module), I'd suggest to use a stable version of perl (and yes, 5.005_50 to
> 5.005_59 worked fine...)

Just seen a few days ago 5.005_62 on CPAN. Does this version fixes the Carp.pm stuff?

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