Hello to all GIMP developers.

If anyone changes or removes an
existing PDB-Interface
there are 2 things that should be done:

1) please check if the Interface is 
   alreay used in a Plugin.
   (the plug-ins Directory of the
   standard distribution should be checked)
   On Unix Systems this can be done
   with one find command like this:
   cd <GIMP>/plug-ins
   find . -type f -exec grep -l "gimp_convert_indexed" {} /dev/null \;


2) send an e-mail to the Plugin Author.
   The e-mail should inform the Author
   about the Changes, and if you have
   already changed the Plug-In or not.
   (the Authors's e-mail Adress is
   usually found in the Parameters
   of gimp_install_procedure)

Please help to keep all the PlugIns working.

Wolfgang Hofer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Author of some GIMP-Plugins

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