I mailed Michael Taylor to keep him up to speed with PIX changes (he's the
original author) and in his reply he asked a question I can't answer on
behalf of the whole devel group/posse/community/whatever...

So, opinions - does the feeling about plug-in bloat apply to File filters?
Can Michael's other plug-in (s) go into CVS?

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Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 10:10:58 -0400
From: Michael Taylor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Re: PIX changes in Gimp CVS

[lots snipped]

I don't know if you're the person to ask, but do you think anyone would
object if I moved my other plug-in into the main repo?  I got the feeling
that people on the mailing think that there are too many plug-ins
distributed with Gimp.  I've been trying to get CVS up and running on my
SGI in my spare cycles, but it's a pain to do through a firewall.  Anyway,
I get e-mails weekly from people who can't compile my TDI plug-in for
various reasons and it would make my life easier if I could just move it so
that they get it by default.

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