I've been testing out Export to make sure it is idiot proof, and I have
some problems to report:

TIFF (and for the moment PNG too) can't handle INDEXED ALPHA, though they
can handle either alone, they can't handle both at once. There's no way
to reflect this in the Export API - either a way must be added, or there
must be a workaround elsewhere...

XBM will fail after export worked, because it inists on having precisely
two colours. That's fair enough when you know what an XBM is, so I don't
know if / how we should fix it.

PAT doesn't seem to have been designed with alpha in mind. Is there a
good reason to use alpha with PAT? Does Gimp even support it anywhere?
Right now it Exports with CAN_HANDLE_ALPHA and the results are not good.

Other than these, my tests all look great. There was no consensus about
changes to the displayed availability of file formats, so I'm still
thinking about that off-line.


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