Thanks for suggesting GIMP to TUCOWS, but there are a couple of points:

- The GIMP is not Shareware. It's Free Software.

- The prebuilt "installer" version of GIMP for Windows I distribute
  from my web page needs to be cleaned up a bit before it can be
  redistributed by TUCOWS or others in a lerger scale; specifically
  there is some extra stuff included with an unclear license situation
  (for instance some of the user-contributed filters for the
  user-filter plug-in), that probably should be left out. Come to
  think of it, I'll leave them out from my next snapshots, too. Also,
  there is the GIF patent issue. 

- GIMP for Windows is not intended for end-users yet, it really *is* a
  developer version.

- TUCOWS (or anybody else) doesn't need any permission to redistribute
  the parts that are under the GPL or LGPL, as long as it is done in
  agreement with the license conditions. That's the whole point of
  Free Software, more or less. Neither would I have any power to grant
  any such permissions as I certainly am not the copyright owner for
  most of the stuff.

- I am not sure that the TUCOWS license agreement is compatible with
  the GPL and LGPL. I am not a lawyer. Does TUCOWS distribute other
  GPL and LGPL software without legal problems?


TUCOWS license agreement included here:


  1.  I hereby grant TUCOWS - The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock
  Software - a non-exclusive worldwide license to distribute my
  Shareware, known as  XXXXXXXXXXXX  (the
  "Shareware"), including posting it on the TUCOWS Web and FTP
  sites and publishing it on the TUCOWS CD-ROM.

  2.  I further agree that TUCOWS, or its affiliates, may itself
  publish the TUCOWS CD-ROM (including my Shareware), or may
  instead license the publication of the CD-ROM to a third party,
  or otherwise sell, assign, or transfer its rights to the
  publication of the CD-ROM, all without further consent from me.

  3.  I represent and warrant to TUCOWS that:

    a.  I have all right, title, and interest in and to the
  Shareware and that I have the right to grant the license provided
  for in this agreement.

    b.  The Shareware does not infringe any copyright, patent,
  trademark, trade secret, or other proprietary right of any other

  4.  I further agree that TUCOWS shall have full discretion and
  sole control in the production, packaging, marketing, and
  promotion of its Internet site and its CD-ROM.  I agree that
  TUCOWS may refer to the Shareware on its packaging and in its
  promotional materials.

  5.  I understand that TUCOWS has no obligation to continue to
  include the Shareware on its Internet sites or its CD-ROM, and
  may discontinue publishing and distributing the Shareware at any
  time without notice to me.

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