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>   2.  I further agree that TUCOWS, or its affiliates, may itself
>   publish the TUCOWS CD-ROM (including my Shareware), or may
>   instead license the publication of the CD-ROM to a third party,
>   or otherwise sell, assign, or transfer its rights to the
>   publication of the CD-ROM, all without further consent from me.

I have to add that you can't grant them this point in the licence: GPL
means thay are obliged to include the source (regardless of this
licence). Also, GIMP can't be distributed by licence other than GPL
without the explicit permission of the copyright owners (i.e. the
entire GIMP development community, and they'd have to ask each one of
them separately).

TUCOWS licence seems to be yet another demonstration of the
fundamental different between Windows and Free Software mindsets.

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