On Sun, 31 Oct 1999, Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:

> What if the manipulation of the selection would not float the thing inside
> the selection without the user explicitly telling so? In Photoshop there is
> a "Nudge Selection" feature, where you make a selection, and use the cursors
> to quickly [<-] [->], meaning you press a cursor key once, and then press
> the opposite direction once, that acts like "Float Selection" in Gimp.
> All transform stuff affects the selection only, unless you "nudge" first.

Yes thats how I want to have it (beside that you also must be able to
nudge the selection whit out it making it into a float (e.g holding down
the alt).

> I dont know if this very hard to implement, but I agree with Olof here that
> it would be a Good Thing. 

Yes it's a very GOOD thing!

On the other hand, is it still more confusing to
> new users that want to draw colored rectangles and ellipses with the
> selection tools? :)

Well as long as people doesn't understand how a real image manipulation
program works this will be confusing. I don't see why this will
make it more confusing? However we are dedicating a whole chapter how to
draw in Gimp in the GUT. This will hopefully solve some of the problems.
> What do YOU think? :)

Well see above ^ 

Cheers Olof


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