>Hmm - what do you think about dropping the panning (Ugh - no - dont beat
>me! :-)  I think the Quick-navigation is much more useful and quicker.

But less precise. And you must move your cursor to the corner. That is like
having the menus in a fixed place instead of where you want (tear off or
right click).

>So we could use the middle mousebutton for an alternative function, maybe
>even a second device with an own context.

Let me see: we have ctrl, shift, alt and space, all near and waiting to be
used (meta / windowskey / "whatever the name" too in some machines). Or
maybe we could have a dialog <grin> and let the user select what action wants.

I think actions should make reference to the key:
Shift to change behaviour ("inverse").
Ctrl for fine control (lines, angles).
Alt for alternative (alternative what? alt shift and alt ctrl?).

Well you get the idea, fixing keybindings, yes, removing features (specially
if there is no strong reason), no thanks.

Can anybody post the curent list of key mods?


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