At 13:49 10.11.99 +0200, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
>> Maybe the time has come to fold GtkXmHtml into the main library. 
>Ugh... cough, cough. Have you looked at the GtkXmHTML (or however it
>should be capitalized) source code? One would hope GTk+ has higher
>standards. Not to mention that the "Gtk" part of the GtkXmHTML name is
>quite misleading, there are lots of direct Xlib calls.
.. but as suggested in a previous mail:

>But I (or somebody) will probably eventually write a separate 
>winhelpbrowser plug-in for Windows that just uses the
>user's default Web browser (Netscape or IE).

The Windowze version is basically running. Maybe this approach
(dynamic data exchange with the browser) could be used on most
*IX systems as well, no matter if the browser is called by DDE, 

You'll get all the nice formatting and image capabilities for 
free, or with only very few lines of code (approx. 100 in my 
help plug-in for win32).

        Hans (somebody)

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