On Wed, 10 Nov 1999, Marc Lehmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Either we have a help system or we haven't. At the moment, we haven't. I'd
> like to use it myself, but I don't want to install a useless gnome just
> for that.

As Sven mentioned, you could say exactly the same thing about
Gimp-Perl.  Both the help system and Gimp-Perl fail to compile on the
Solaris 2.6 machine that I use for most of my GIMP work.  If you do
not want the help system to be part of the standard GIMP package, then
I would definitely recommend to also move Gimp-Perl out of that

By the way, you do not have to install the whole GNOME system, but
only the gnome-libs package.  These libraries do not take much disk
space.  Less than Perl, for example.  ;-)

> > All we have to do is to solve the packaging/configure problems.
> Do you expect this to be solved before 1.2?

That would be nice.

> > > A help system that only works by chance (i.e. not on the majority of
> > > platforms) is not work the hassle.
> > 
> > s/help/perl/
> However, perl works on many _many_ more platforms than the help system,
> which only works on a very limited number of systems.

I disagree.  Perl _does_ work on many platforms, but you cannot say the
same about Gimp-Perl.  The latter only works on _very_few_ platforms,
because it requires a recent version of Perl (the majority of machines
that I have access to are using a Perl that is more than two years old),
with some third-party modules such as PDL, Parse::RecDescent, Gtk-Perl.
These modules do not compile cleanly on some systems: PDL worked for
me under Linux, but not under Solaris where many self-tests failed.
Also, the fact that Perl uses a different set of "configure" rules and
"prefix" directories means that it is not easy or not possible for
someone to compile a private copy of the GIMP (with Gimp-Perl enabled)
on a multi-user system if that person does not have write access to
the site-perl directories.

I am even tempted to say that if you take a machine with a "default"
Linux installation or any other UNIX-like OS, it is easier to get the
help system running (by installing gnome-libs) than to get Gimp-Perl
running (by upgrading Perl and installing the required modules).

So please stop complaining about the help system, because that could
backfire on Gimp-Perl quickly...


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