Hello Andy

Yes I have thought of this a lot, your ideas are also well thought. My
idea was to make the Nav as much Auto as the layer dialog. I.e you can
switch it on and off. 

The main reason to make it auto aware is that:

1: Most artist how works with a program like Gimp has more or less all
dialog open. E.g they arrange the workbench with the Image in the middle
and all the dialogs around. A Navigation window fits just fine into that
arrangements if it's auto aware.

2: The artist above will then use the nav window not just for panning
(which you also can do with the middle mouse button or the popup window)
but most probably for a quick way of zooming in and out. This function is
the most important since it will allow you to have a quick view of really
big images or small images (that you work with in a large scale). Remember
all of us hasn't the opportunity to have a wheel mouse i.e all of us
working with a UNIX workstation. 

The above statements leads to the conclusion that you often need to
zoom in out quickly. That you have arrange your workspace to fit the
program and there for don't want additional dialogs for each image. It
there for very important to have a auto switch. 

If we now argue for the fact that is shouldn't be auto aware. Well to be 
useful as a "icon" it must be much smaller. I don't say that Andy's
arguments are bad but I think a user/Artist is much more comfortable to
have only one nav window instead of one for each image he works with. She
then has to arrange his desk twice for each image. Further more she has
to bring up the dialog for each image that he works with.

Cheers Olof

On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, Andy Thomas wrote:
> Olof S Kylander:- Thanks for your summary of the problems in Gimp.
> I noticed the following on this list:-
>   * Make the Navigation window auto aware
> I was trying to think what advantages having the nav window auto switch over 
> would do. The small "popup" area in the lower right hand corner already offers
> a short cut to move around the currently active image so I think it would be 
> used for convenience.
> The current situation where the nav dialog is tied to the view (not image)
> allows you to have many views open on an image an scroll around them 
> independantly (you dont have to selected and image to do that). I have used
> this to compare parts of images.
> Thinking about it I can't convince myself that making the nav dialog view 
> auto aware is really worth the effort since I think that dialog will rarely be 
> used and only then in specialised cases, the smaller "popup" is better for 
> quick navigation.(BTW another side effect of the nav per view allows you to 
> have "thumbnails" of the images currently opened, sorta like a icon box for 
> the images. I was thinking about adding the ability to "auto raise to top" when
> the image in the nav dialog was clicked on . This should be the case when the 
> image is selected in the L&C&P dialog as well).
> Also the info window shows the current pixel value of the cursor position. If 
> it
> is changed to be auto aware then you would have to click on an image (to make 
> it active) before the info window  started to register info. Normally you just 
> move the mouse over the image and the info is displayed.
> Any thoughts? 
> Andy.

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