On Fri, Nov 12, 1999 at 09:57:49PM +0000, Andy Thomas wrote:
> Olof S Kylander:- Thanks for your summary of the problems in Gimp.
> I noticed the following on this list:-
>   * Make the Navigation window auto aware
> I was trying to think what advantages having the nav window auto switch over 
> would do. The small "popup" area in the lower right hand corner already offers
> a short cut to move around the currently active image so I think it would be 
> used for convenience.
> The current situation where the nav dialog is tied to the view (not image)
> allows you to have many views open on an image an scroll around them 
> independantly (you dont have to selected and image to do that). I have used
> this to compare parts of images.

Valid point. I use the popup myself, though I'm so used to
middle-mousebutton pannig that I usually end using that before my brains
point to the popup icon :)

> Thinking about it I can't convince myself that making the nav dialog view 
> auto aware is really worth the effort since I think that dialog will rarely be 
> used and only then in specialised cases, the smaller "popup" is better for 
> quick navigation.(BTW another side effect of the nav per view allows you to 
> have "thumbnails" of the images currently opened, sorta like a icon box for 
> the images. I was thinking about adding the ability to "auto raise to top" when
> the image in the nav dialog was clicked on . This should be the case when the 
> image is selected in the L&C&P dialog as well).


> Also the info window shows the current pixel value of the cursor position.
> If it is changed to be auto aware then you would have to click on an image
> (to make it active) before the info window started to register info.
> Normally you just move the mouse over the image and the info is displayed.
> Any thoughts? 

I use <space> to toggle active images - it is very easy and space by default
does nothing. It is also easy to reach. I'd like the info-window be auto
aware. Does anyone else know any issues the change might introduce?



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