After a long, hard push, I've finally gotten print quality that I'm
generally very pleased with across a wide variety of different images
(on the Stylus Photo EX, at least).  It's in the usual place, (for gimp 1.1.11).  I
suspect it will work just fine with most, if not all, earlier versions
of 1.1, though.  So this is one I'd really like people to experiment

As for settings, I'd suggest the following as a starting point:

Brightness 127
Blue 92
Saturation 1.2

Some other general notes for people who want to play:

1) Reducing the gamma adjustment (to .6 or .7) will result in more
   accurate rendition of light tones, at the expense of contrast in
   the darker values.  It's worth a shot.

2) The settings above might be a bit light.  Try reducing the
   brightness, or alternatively, increasing the density (these are NOT
   the same thing).  You can also try the contrast, but you're likely
   to lose all detail in the very light tones.

3) The current settings (both adjustable and internal tuned
   parameters) seem to result in better printing of photographs than
   test patterns.  There's a very sharp transition between very dark
   gray and black which tends not to be objectionable in photographs
   (the usual result is simply that blacks are not optimally dense),
   but which is very visible in test patterns.

The general problem here is with transitions between using black and
CMY for grays.  Right now I'm using very little black.  This results
in a smoother texture at the expense of density.  One way to improve
this might be to use increase the amount of CMY at any given black
level and to bring down the transition zone (from CMY to K) slightly.
But that's for another day.  I'm tired and my wife would really like
to see more of me.

However, this is the first time that I've gotten prints I'm fairly
happy with from my standard three very different photos.  I consider
this a major milestone.  I'd really like other people to experiment
with it.

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