First off, many thank you's to Olof for gathering this task list into
one place!

>Simon Budig Noted:
>> Olof S. Kylander ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> [Lots of good ideas snipped]
>>               <image>/image/-mode-----|
>>                          |            RGB
>>                          |            Grayscale
>>                          |            Indexed
>> Add a separator here, since Compose and Decompose are no Modes...
>> Do we have a better name for the submenu to reflect this?
>>                          |            Compose
>>                          |            Decompose

I feel that these items are only tangentially related to "mode," in that
decomposing or recomposing
an image can generate images that differ in mode from the parent. It
would be nice if they
had their own submenu.

But what to call it? I am not aware of a good (English) verb that
encompasses and generalize the
two particulars of (1) making a composite and (2) reducing to
parts.  The idea may be better said
in another tongue.

Am I alone in voting for the change: [Old] <image>/Filter/Render...
[New] <image>/Renderers... ?
Plug-ins that carry a collection of parameters to a new rendering that
is, in fact, disjoint from a
parent image does not play in my mind as any kind of "filter" at all.
(Taking an input, applying
a transform, producing an output...).

Just my US 0.02 ...

Garry Osgood

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