On 12 Nov, Andrew Kieschnick wrote:

> LGPL previously stood for "GNU Library General Public License". It was
> changed to be the "Lesser GNU Public License" at some point not all
> that long ago.

> Read http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/why-not-lgpl.html if you'd like to
> know why its name was changed.

 Interesting, indeed....

> LGPL version 2 is the GNU Library General Public License.
> LGPL version 2.1 is the Lesser GNU Public License.
> The COPYING file in libgimp is the LGPL, version 2.
> The COPYING file in gtk+-1.2.6 is also the LGPL, version 2.

 That's obviously not true for the COPYING file in the gtk subdir, 
 it's the "lesser" version....
> Its becoming obvious to me that you just don't know what you're
> talking about.

 Right, until now I haven't cared too much about those things...
 Sorry for any inconvenience....



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