> I can make some more cursors if people think this is ok to implement before
> 1.2 ?

Even if we decide that enabling zoom on middle-mouse button is not worth 
the risk to put it in before 1.2, the cursors could need some work. IMHO 
the selection cursors should just be the normal cursor plus the + or - 
sign. Alternatively we could make the standard selection cursor the 
triangle that is used with the +, -, u right now. And as I said before, 
the intersect cursor of the path tool needs to changed. There are other 
places where standard gdk cursors are used now that would benefit from 
better-suited cursors.

Salut, Sven

BTW: would someone object against getting rid of the possibility to 
disable cursor changes?? This would close a bug w/o too much hassle 
and I don't see why someone would want to disable cursor updating 


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