Steve Lipa wrote:
> Hello GIMP developers!

> The plug-in is called p2m_plugin, with source available at the
> GIMP plug-in registry.  It installs five save_handlers which allow
> you to save your image in a variety of EDA formats for inclusion
> on a chip or PC board.  I have only tried to use it with 1.0.4,
> which is where I am having the difficulty.
> The difficulty is that the EDA formats, which have names AMPLE,
> CIF, SKILL, SKILL43, and MAGIC, and file extensions named
> .amp, .cif, .il, il43, and .mag sometimes show up *twice* in the
> extensions submenu of the SAVE dialog.  They show up at the top of
> the list in the order in which gimp_register_save_handler is called,
> and then later in alphabetical order.  The plug-in requires an RGB*
> drawable, and the alphabetical entries of the list are properly
> grayed out when saving an indexed or grayscale drawable, but the
> entries at the top of the list are not grayed out.  Otherwise the
> plug-in seems to work fine.

This is a bug in gimp.  Gimp will install the save handlers twice if you have
updated your plug-in since the last time gimp was run.  This bug is still around
as of gimp 1.1.12

Jay Cox

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