> I have thought of this for a while now, but now I decided to put it into
> ascii form...
>       Would it be possible to implement a "VCR Console" for GAP plugins?
>       I think it would be very useful and from what I understand it might
>       even be easy?
>       Something with  [ |<< ] [ < ] [ > ] [ >>| ] and maybe even 
>       play facility (trigger "next frame" in every <spinbutton> ms or 
>       something?)
>       Thoughts? I think it would improve the usability a lot..

Yes, me too!! ;-)

Actually the reason I've put GAP into CVS was that I think it is a very useful 
extension to The GIMP that needs a more comfortable GUI. My hope was that someone 
would take this as an interesting project to work on... 

IMHO the GAP should be implemented ( GUI-wise ) as a seperate tool. There could
be one menu entry to start the GAP console that comes with a VCR interface to switch 
frames and a whole bunch of possible actions (more or less the Video-Menu we have 
now). An approach like this would make working on animations more easy and at the same 
time hide the animation stuff from the main GIMP interface where it confuses the user 
who wants to do still image manipulation.

Having said that, I must admit that I don't have the time to work on this, but 
probably someone else feels choosen??

Salut, Sven


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