> Guys, I strongly suggest that libgtkxmhtml *NOT* be used for
> the help browser.

Please, not again. HereŽs what I think was the result of the latest thread on 
this subject:

The helpbrowser will stay as it is (using GtkXmHtml) as long as thereŽs no
useable alternative. As soon as a better, less depending, small and fast 
html-widget is there, weŽll consider porting the helpbrowser to that 

The help-system will in its final state give the choice to use whatever 
HTML-Browser the user prefers as long as it provides an interface similar to 
"netscape -remote". The necessary changes to the Help system will appear as
soon as Mitch, me or someone else finds the time to do them.

For the problem of packaging The GIMP IŽd suggest to create a seperate 
gimp-gnome package that contains the help-browser and the gimp.desktop file
so that the main package can be installed w/o the dependency on gnome.

> Is there any alternative? I've heard talk of a non-GNOME-based
> gtkxmhtml, but I don't know anything about it.

The gtkhtml package looked promising at the first look, but it appears to really 
depend deeply on GNOME, while the only thing that makes gtkxmhtml a gnome-thing is 
that it comes bundled with gnome (but does not make use of any gnome-specific 
features). Thus an alternative would be to release a gtkxmhtml package and put it up 
on ftp.gimp.org.

Salut, Sven

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