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> I'm trying (and succeeding!) to build a binary distribution for the Gimp
> (1.1.14) on AIX 4.3.2. Everything appears to work, except for the
> perl plugins, which generate a core. "make test" in
> .../gimp-1.1.14/plug-ins/perl produces:
> t/load..............dubious
>         Test returned status 0 (wstat 139, 0x8b)
>         test program seems to have generated a core

Panic's over, I found the problem. I'd added -lgtk to the link phade of
UI.so, whereas I should have used -berok to stop the AIX linker
complaining about the gtk_init symbol.

I've put the resulting binary on the AIX freeware/shareware archive at

Is it normal that when saving an image it only proposes the GIMP
(toto.xcf) file format? I thought those plugins would let me save it in
any format?

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