Experimental release is now on my web site.

My printer currently has a partially clogged magenta head that I have
not yet been able to clear, so colors don't print true (this is why
the "experimental").  Nonetheless, I have been able to make some

1) Dark midtones should print smoother.

2) Performance improvements.

3) Minor bug fix in PostScript printing, from Salvador Pinto Abreu.

4) Support for softweave for more Epson printers (VERY EXPERIMENTAL --
   I cannot test this to any significant degree, although I do have
   unit tests for the weave code!).  Also, some code restructuring to
   generalize the softweaving, at least within the Epson code.

I've received requests for support for the 440/640/740 printers.  They
don't look too hard (they appear on first reading to be fairly generic
printers), but I don't have this equipment available...

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