On Saturday, 18 Dec 1999, Christopher A. Gaul wrote:

> Is anyone currently working on supporting the Flashpix file format?
> It's a pretty common format on Digital camera's and is (AFAIK) based on
> JPEG but with some additional header information (for image capture
> date, dpi, etc.)

I have the FlashPix conformance test suite CD (free from the relevant
web-site), but when I took a look at the file format, I decided that
this was the most hideous thing I ever saw.  It's gratuitously
complicated for just storing some pictures.  If I remember correctly,
there's a miniature FAT filesystem you need to unpick, containing one
(or more) RIFF/OLE-style structured files with several forks,
containing metadata and actual image data (possibly at multiple
resolutions or viewpoints).  Some of the metadata specifies colour and
co-ord space transforms which _must_ be applied before showing the
image.  Others are merely there to annoy.

If I get a lot of spare time, I might write a FlashPix loader.  But
apparently the format is being retired in favour of something else
(can't remember what).  If someone wanted to pay me to write it, I
might be up for it.  Otherwise, don't hold your breath.

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