Hello. I just installed current Debian GNU/Linux distribution with GIMP

Here is the problem: I use one image for my own color palette and
I draw to another image. It takes as much as 4 mouse button clicks to
pick a new color and draw with it. Drawing is practically impossible
with this style.

Here is my suggestion for the solution: user should be able to set
the active tool for an image. The palette image would have a color picker
and the other image would have a brush. When mouse pointer moves to
an image, the tool is changed to the active tool of the corresponding


I'm not able to write this myself because my interests lie elsewhere than
in GIMP source code. But as I see it, this would not involve much work.
Maybe a new menu item for setting the current tool as an active tool
for the image, and some code to change focus code.

And, color picker should not pop up the dialog everytime.

I'm here for further discussion.



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