Michael J. Hammel spontaneously blurts out:
> I'm curious why any new plug-ins should be added to the core *at all*.
> Gimp's distribution is fairly large as it is.  Isn't it getting time to
> limit additional plug-ins to the core distribution to plug-ins which are
> considered "vital" in some way?  Even some estoric file plug-ins need not
> necessarily be included with the core package.  Throwing in the kitchen
> sink is what's starting to bloat some Linux distros.

I totally agree! Ideally Gimp should have a connection to some plug-in
registry so that needed esoteric (or not so esoteric) plug-ins could
be downloaded and installed without restarting gimp. Have the simple
plugin's with the distro and then have a series of "power packs" that
roughly align with usage domains (i.e. "import powerpack","export powerpack",
fine art powerpack", "prepress powerpack", etc).

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