> > This is not at all a distribution issue. Linux is a *multi*-user system, so
> a good answer for it.  From my point of view, Gimp is not a multi-user tool
> (even if it can run happily on multi-user systems) so should be packaged
> for single users.  University admins would probably argue otherwise.

Whatever, we need a good tool to install other plug-ins later, both
for the admin and the single-user case (like CPAN), since the "most
interesting plug-ins" (for some user) will not be delivered with the gimp

This will be done, no doubt, after 1.2, and the better it works, the less
plug-ins do we have to deliver with the core distribution. We just have
to train distribution people to deliver the full plug-ins archive on
their cd's (yes, some people still have no internet!), and maybe we could
provide a working binary kit.

After reading that article about innovative free software and
non-innovative gui design, I begin to think that gimp is more prone to be
end-user software than, say, gcc ;)

(OTOH, I think the gimp GUI is quite innovative: being innovative in GUI
design usually lowers the usability index a lot).

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