the response to this mail was very small when I sent it to the list
a month ago, but I want to give it another try...

So, here comes the next call for help: This one is targeted especially
at people who always wanted to contribute, but couldn't due to the lack
of coding skills. There's some documentation shipped with The GIMP that
urgently needs to be updated and checked for correctness before version
1.2 can be released. Here's a list of things that need to be overworked:

        gimprc.5   (generated from gimprc.5.in)  

stuff in the docs directory:

        keybindings.txt     ( do we need both ? )
        quick_reference.ps  (the LaTeX source is in docs too)

Additionally gimprc.in from which the global configuration file is 
generated should be checked for completeness and correctness. All
possible configurations should be listed here with useful comments. 
The Phtoshop-keybindings file ps-menurc has to be updated to reflect
the changes in the menu-structure.

If you want to take one of those jobs, please announce that you are
working on it, so we don't duplicate effort.

An additional remark:

We have started to document libgimg to provide a useful source of 
information for plug-in developers. Mitch and me have already done
a fair amount of work in this area. Documentation of libgimpui is 
almost complete and we are right now working out a way to add the 
information contained in the PDB. However help in this area is of
course highly appreciated. I want to encourage especially the 
authors of code contained in libgimp to add some documentation.
There's a README in the devel-docs directory, you will want to read.

Salut, Sven

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